Early intervention in bipolar disorders

Philippe Conus, Gregor Berger, Anastasia Theodoridou, Roland Schneider, Daniel Umbricht, Karin Michaelis-Conus, Andor E. Simon

  • The outcome of bipolar disorders is not as favourable as is often believed: patients are without symptoms for a very limited period of time and a minority return to a pre-morbid functional level only after recovery from manic symptoms
  • The average time between the onset of symptoms and prescribing of appropriate treatment is ten years, and this prolonged time lapse has a negative impact on outcome
  • It would therefore appear useful to develop early intervention strategies, similar to those developed for psychosis, so that patients can be identified earlier and appropriate treatments proposed for this phase of the illness.

Conus et al., Swiss Medical Forum, 2008 [PDF] (http://www NULL.medicalforum NULL.ch/docs/smf/archiv/de/2008/2008-17/2008-17-067 NULL.pdf)

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